Wednesday, October 3, 2007


By way of introduction, I intend Coding Patterns to be a repository for the various patterns and practices that I come across - either on my own or via the great hive mind that is the blogsphere - which make my programs easier to develop, easier to read, and easier to use. As I am using it, this phrase extends beyond the particulars of good software design to include good user-interface design and the tools/utilities that remove the accidental difficulties of software development.

In addition, I'll likely throw in anything that strikes my fancy, particularly regarding Chrome (a .Net Pascal dialect), Ruby, .Net, and the future of technology.

I also contribute to the periodically-updated Imagine Systems Dev blog, and may cross-link from time to time. A few highlights:

By the way, I apologise for the pretentious title. It isn't meant to make me sound like an expert or an authority on the subject, just to describe what I'm trying to do here.


Gabe said...

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Daniel P said...

Hi Gabe, looking forward to reading this blog.

Gabe said...

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